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Leslie Schwartz

In the ever evolving and sometimes overwhelming world of writing and publishing, the value of professional writing, editing and coaching services cannot be overstated. I specialize in transforming your creative concepts into compelling stories and helping you find the right publishing outlet for your book. For over two decades, writers at every phase of their careers have placed their trust in me.

Leslie is my secret weapon. My books wouldn’t be the same without her input.

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Four-time International Bestselling Author

Developmental Editor

Transform Your Work to Professional Standards Developmental editing, often referred to as “content editing” is a critical and necessary step in the process of writing and publishing your book. Whether you are submitting a manuscript to a publisher, agent, or to Amazon KDP, the editor you partner with matters. As a leading professional in the field, I identify the key editorial trouble spots of your manuscript and will show you how to make your book not just better but publishing ready. In my experience, those who skip this crucial step struggle to find agents, publishers and/or readers on Amazon/KDP. Don’t defeat your chances at successful publication before you even start.  Contact me today for a free sample edit

Writing Coach

Unlock Your Writing Potential with a Seasoned Writing Coach As the founder of L & L Writing, Editing, and Coaching Services, and an award-winning author I understand the struggles of the writing process. With over two decades of experience as a writing coach, I have a proven track record of helping writers bring their literary aspirations to life. I offer collaborative support in planning every aspect of your book, from crafting and nurturing a compelling story, to coaching you through the troughs and valleys of writing, editing, and publishing your work. Contact me today for a free consultation.


Your unique voice, expertly crafted The most crucial skill you want in a ghostwriter is their ability to merge the writing of your story with your vision and voice. As your ghostwriter, I place communication and collaboration first. The objective is to capture the essence of your story while ensuring that your intention shines through page-by-page and theme-by-theme. Whether you’re writing a novel, memoir, or a business legacy story, I’m here to transform your ideas into words. Contact me for a free consultation.

Publishing Consultant

Publishing Success with Expert Guidance With so many publishing models available, how do you know which one is best for you? After 20 years of direct involvement in the fast-changing world of publishing, I know how to provide writers with the best resources, guidance, and expertise to make an informed decision that is perfect for you and your book. I have broad experience with the publishing industry including marketing your book, identifying emerging trends, and best practices. My database of agents, editors and small presses is updated weekly to match you with the right publishing option. Whatever your publishing choice, I help you pair your personal creative style, with your messaging, and maximize your exposure to a lasting readership for your book. Contact me for a free consultation.

Praise for Leslie’s Writing, Editing and Coaching Expertise

what people are saying

Leslie is a superb editor. She worked with us on all three books in our Immigrant: Strides Toward Prosperity series. Coming from the reader’s perspective, Leslie asked questions that helped us add content we would not have thought of. She also suggested how best to clarify certain points so a layperson could understand them (which was a primary objective of our books). Leslie comes with rich writing, editorial, and life experiences. These clearly enhance her work (and helped us win an award for our first book). We recommend Leslie to anyone who wants an objective, thoughtful, fine-tuned, and supportive editorial process.

“Leslie Schwartz is not just an editor, she’s a mentor, a developmental editing wizard, a coach and a champion of your creativity. With Leslie by your side, you’re gaining a writing partner who believes in your potential. She encourages you to take risks, explore new ideas and push boundaries. With her guidance you will discover the power of storytelling and find the confidence to tell your own.”

"I began working with Leslie Schwartz as a beginning writer, learning theme and character development, scene writing, dialogue, and narrative. She provided a safe environment for a novice like me to develop a voice and a set of skills with which to create. Her passion for the craft, and her push for focus and truthfulness helped me grow and taught me patience. Her thoughtful comments stretched me to improve and to dig deeper. With her encouragement, I stuck with it and have had essays published and am currently writing a memoir. She helped me over the rough patches until I found my confidence and in the process, became a writer. She’s been a true mentor.”

Essays published in The Wall Street Journal, The Jewish Journal, Antigonish Review, Litro Magazine 2018
“Since her first novel, Leslie Schwartz has dazzled me with her prose. There are sentences in her work that I commit to memory, much like those of Isabelle Allendre. This good fortune for readers extends to writers even more. Her dedication to mentoring new voices from underserved communities is remarkable. As an editor, she works with writers at all levels. She drills through every level of storytelling down to the details of syntax. Far beyond the dime-a-dozen dozen cheerleaders and critics, Leslie is the kind of editor who will not only find weakness, but offer solutions to make your work stronger. I recommend her highly. ”

For over eight years I've had the pleasure of working with Leslie. She´s an exquisite developmental editor. I've lost count of the number of times she's been able to discover what an essay is really about, find the electromagnetic center, and describe what's needed to give a piece universal appeal. She's gentle but strict. If something isn't working, she lets you know. When she praises you, she means it. Without Leslie, I doubt I would have finished my first memoir.

“Structure! Structure! Structure! Leslie Schwartz’s authoritative voice rings in my ears every time I sit down to write. I am convinced that without her sure, expert guidance my first novel would never have been published. She’s everything I want in a writing teacher: dedicated to craft and a passionate artist who truly enjoys guiding and nurturing new writers. Her classes are the perfect balance of creativity and discipline, and her infinite excitement for the skillfully written word is invigorating.”

For someone writing his first book, I've greatly benefited from Leslie's keen mentorship, thoughtful guidance, and candid but empathic feedback. She is professional, prompt, and well-organized. I am fortunate to have found her.

Leslie Schwartz is not just an editor; she's a mentor, a developmental editing wizard, a coach, and a champion of your creativity. Whether you're a seasoned author or a newcomer, Leslie provides guidance and support that goes beyond fixing grammar and punctuation. She helps you shape your ideas, find your unique voice, and overcome creative roadblocks. With Leslie by your side, you're not just receiving edits; you're gaining a writing partner who believes in your potential. She encourages you to take risks, explore new ideas, and push your boundaries. Leslie doesn't stifle your unique voice; she celebrates it and helps you refine it. With her guidance, you'll discover the power of storytelling and find the confidence to tell your own.

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