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Book clubs get ready: God, recovery, the magic of books and women’s kinship, all revealed inside county jail. A discussion-starter that is at turns brutal, tender, hilarious, and loving. An amazing story that is full of amazing stories.
Spencer Woods
A Stunner
Three days ago, I finished reading Lost Chapters. Technically, the writing is superb, but that's just the beginning. So many haunting scenes (which I will not reveal here.) Many questions still swim in my mind, but I like them better unanswered. I don't want to complete everything with a check mark, especially on such a wondrous creation. I also loved the meditation on time. It reminded me of: Time present and time past Are both perhaps present in time future, And time future contained in time past. T.S. Eliot (From the Four Quartets, my favorite poem in the English language.) I want to thank the author for writing this book, what a gift to humanity, what an accomplishment.
A Gift to Humanity
As the days and now weeks have passed since I read Leslie Schwartz's wonderful book, fragments of it continue to surface in my thoughts. In part , it's so memorable because of its many, deeply affecting facets. It's a memoir of personal struggle and renewal. It's a full throated celebration of the power of literature. It's an anger producing but deeply humanizing social justice tale that points to the everyday abuses in our jail system. It's a character rich celebration of the strength and resilience of women, even those---especially those---to whom life has dealt some very bad hands. And it's a book filled with deliciously smart, often wickedly funny writing. In short, it's the kind of book you want your friends to read so you can discuss with them afterward.
JG. Rose
Stellar and very affecting. Continues to stay with me…

Amazon Reviews - Angels Crest

Uniquely told, this is a darkly fascinating snapshot of human behavior. Schwartz brings the characters to life as they grapple with tragedy in different ways.
Jessica G Hill
Captivating, character driven story
This is a great book by a very talented writer. It honestly is very difficult to put down and although I have heard that a thousand times I have very rarely found it to be true for me. You'll cry but you'll be moved.
John 2222
Loved it
Superb and astounding--the initial plot involves a father who negligently leaves his three year old son in the truck for a few minutes while he follows some deer in the woods, resulting in the child's death. The underlying story is the portrait of a small northern California town, the tragic losses suffered by various characters, the legend of the angels rescuing five children during the blizzard of 1889, people's faith, people's inability to have faith, forgiveness, separation and reunion and the cycle of life and death. This author has created a masterpiece against a deceptively simple backdrop. I'd like to give a copy of this to everybody I know.
Do NOT Miss This One

Amazon Reviews - Jumping The Green

This book is an absolute favorite of mine. The depth of character description is wonderful. I recommend this book to many young women whose lives mimic the main character's life. The way family of origin issues play out in the story is a work of art.
Had Kingston
Great read!
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