Leslie Schwartz

Publishing consultant

Do you know how to find an agent and contact editors at the Big Five New York publishing houses? Did you know there are thousands of small presses, both nonprofit and for profit, searching for your niche book or your memoir, novel or short story and poetry collections? How about the different ways you can attract agents and publishers through small press magazine publishing? And what about Kindle Direct Publishing, how to print Advanced Review Copies and get your book to reviewers. Publishing your work is too often a baffling and frustrating process. What are ISBNs? Do you need to copyright your work? How do you find reviewers? What’s an ARC and should you get a website or use Instagram or both? As your publishing consultant I work with you from the start by helping you discern your goals and determine the best publishing option for your book. There are so many ways to be heard and I am here to help you decide what options best fit your goals and needs. 

Email me for a free consultation: [email protected]

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